Saturday, January 13, 2018

The real name of the so-called "Deep State"

. . . is the Federal Civil Service.

I recommend that you click on The Rachel Maddow Show --sorry, but I can't figure out how to link to an individual episode--and check out this video:


White House mired in crisis as Russian hackers target U.S. Senate

A White House that can’t even organize a conference call [bold and italics mine] is struggling to keep up with the more-than-daily crises created by Donald Trump, plus, past crises like [sic] alleged affairs with porn stars, while Russian hackers remain undeterred.  Rachel Maddow reports.  Duration: 16:42

When many of the people in the Trump government are Cabinet Secretaries, department heads, and other upper-management-level personnel, often new to government, while fewer are experienced administrative staff members, who's going to sweat the small stuff?  There's an old joke that some people can't see the forest for the trees.  But being unable to see the trees because of the forest is just as much of a problem.  It's been my experience that many higher-level staff are quite skilled at determining what should be done, but may not know all of the technical details involved--that's why they have assistants.*  But the Trump administration, like Trump himself, can't be bothered with details.

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*As I said here:
(Sometimes, the difference between administrator and support staff is that the administrator sees the forest while the support staff sees the trees--the administrator knows what, but doesn't always know how. Some administrators have only a vague idea of what the support staff has to do to complete a project and/or how much effort goes into our work.)



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